The Streets in Rotterdam

On April 10th The Streets will perform at the Maassilo in Rotterdam, tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster

The zeroes were dominated by Seven Nation Army, Last Nite and Take Me Out, but also a slightly more offbeat phenomenon, Fit But You Know It by The Streets. The iconic Original Pirate Material has reached its adolescence in 2019, and today the boisterous life trials of Mike Skinner are ever-present in our hearts. The shabby street poetry of The Streets casts a dry-hearted look at British nightlife, with stopovers through the wrong clubs, cafeteria smelling of frying fat, adverse adventures with drug use.

Skinner now looks at that lifestyle in the rear-view mirror, but as a result, his keen sense of humor and drive to create things have not exactly diminished. His latest project is called The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light, a diptych of an album and a film of the same name. In his live band we find, among others, Rob Harvey, once frontman of another typical years-zero phenomenon: The Music. At long last, The Streets will play a club show in Rotterdam again: we’re focking trippin ‘out!

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