Support Tindersticks: Thomas Belhom

Thomas Belhom has been confirmed as support-act for the Tindersticks show on 9 November in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. Thomas Belhom is a French singer, percussionist and songwriter who draws beautiful landscapes of sounds. His new album, Rocéphine, is evocative of Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom, although it was very much inspired by the many gracious encounters he’s had in his carreer: along with Calexico and Tindersticks, Rocephine is a step forward to his self encounter. Listen to the beautiful and diverse Rocéphine (which also features Tindersticks frontman Stuart Staples) via Spotify.

The 9th of November is gonna be great! Get you tickets for Tindersticks & Thomas Belhom here.