Start of pre-sales MM13

Ticket pre-sales start on Saturday, December 1st / Limited number of early bird tickets / This year only all-day tickets!

Ticket pre-sales for the Motel Mozaique 2013 festival starts on Saturday, December 1st at 10:00 via our online ticket shop (click here). This same shop is also available on the official Motel Mozaique Facebook page. Tickets available:

With an all-day ticket you can also participate in guided tours, visit the 3voor12 stage for additional sessions by Motel Mozaique acts and concerts that take place in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg during the daytime! PLEASE NOTE: If you absolutely don’t want to miss a specific show make sure to be in the venue on time (not on showtime but a while before it starts)!

Limited number of Early Bird Tickets
Already sure of the fact you’re going to visit the Motel Mozaique festival? Buy your ticket now, we have a limited number of early bird tickets available. You pay € 60 instead of € 65. Get ’em while you can!

Only all-day tickets available
With Motel Mozaique we focus on visitors for the entire festival – 2 evenings plus the extended day program – not just for a day or a certain act. Therefore we will only sell all-day tickets (April 5 & 6) for this year’s Motel Mozaique edition! We will do our utmost to create a great, ongoing festival program so we can only sell all-day tickets. We will also provide a wider range of sleeping places, plus food & drinks.