Sleeping in art

This year we’re planning another unforgettable sleeping experience at Motel Mozaïque Festival for the visitors of our slaapproject. Ever since the first edition of Motel Mozaïque we have been offering the opportunity to spend the night in extraordinary places in Rotterdam, where artists will take it to the next level with a special program. In the past years our guests have made their beds in shop windows, churches, hospitals, on rooftops and at the festival locations.


During MOMO18 the sleeping project will be linked to the ‘Three Kings’-project. With this project writer and theatre maker Marjolijn van Heemstra and future agency Monnik will try to investigate the causes and consequences of light pollution and the possibilities of a dark city. No better antidote to stress than the realization of being born in a universe so big surrounded by nothing but big stars that made us. Be careful when looking up into the starry night sky! You might be overwhelmed by an uncommon feeling of peace and eternity in our big rapidly moving lives. Will a new look at the sky help you forget about the issues of the day?

During the sleeping project from MOMO18 you make a hospitable journey through time, towards a future where the Milky Way will shine bright above Blaak again and we’ll find the astronaut in ourselves when floating around in space.

What: a unique experience, a nice place to sleep and a delicious breakfast
When: Friday 20 and / or Saturday 21 April 2018
Where: Theater Rotterdam – Witte de With Room (formerly Ro Theater)
Price: tickets cost € 31.50 (including service costs) per person per night
Ticket sales: tickets for the sleeping project are available NOW! Order tickets along with your festival ticket (sleeping tickets can be selected as an upsell)


Do you prefer to sleep in a hostel? Then you’re lucky because the best hostels in the Netherlands can be found in Rotterdam! The leading booking platform Hostelworld has named Ani & Haakien ‘Best Hostel of the Netherlands’ at the beginning of 2017. In 2015 and 2016 this honorable title was in the hands of fellow townsman King Kong.
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• Ani & Haakien
• King Kong
• Sparks

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