Rooftop concert by De Avonduren

Motel Mozaique and Rotown present a concert on a very unusual and special location: De Avonduren will perform on the roof of the Hofbogen on Sunday 22 April! This concert is part of the Motel Mozaique festival but it’s an extra concert with ticket sales. Festival visitors who want to see the show also need to buy an extra ticket of 7,50 euros. Tickets are now available via the online ticketshop of Motel Mozaique.

De Avonduren
De Avonduren is a new exciting project that emerged from Kytopia, the creative nest of Colin Benders (Kyteman). Led by MC Kapabel, who worked two years on the debut album, De Avonduren tells contemporary, musical fairy tales filled with adventure and mystery. Kapabel is musically accompanied by four members of The Kyteman Orchestra, which has managed to create a striking balance of text and sound, with influences from jazz, hip hop, folk, funk and drum ‘n bass.