Reviews coming in!

It’s just wonderful to read about everyone’s experiences, especially when they’re very positive! We received a lot of Dutch reviews the last days, unfortunately not written in English. But we did receive a review by All Things Loud and this is what they said:

“One thing which makes Motel Mozaique so amazing is the extreme diversity of performances and activities going on. The main hub of the festival is located on the Schouwburgplein, which was totally transformed to a hipster paradise home to tents, stages and various interesting activities. [..] Motel Mozaique Festival is a one of a kind festival. Yes, there are comparisons with Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival in its multi-venue set-up, but Motel Mozaique goes that one step further in bringing the best music, art and dance of today to the stages of Rotterdam, a city where bands seldom play.[..] Overall, Motel Mozaique is a festival which you ought to check out if you’re into discovering the best of the best, and if you’re up for an all-round great festival experience!”