• 02:00-02:45 WORM

Motel Mozaique Festival 2017

Zebra Katz

queer hiphop

Don’t be misled by the omnipresent ‘bitches’ in Zebra Katz’s lyrics. This wonder of Brooklynian nature is part of the queer hiphop scene. Que? Yes, the biggest macho dominated culture in popmusic is making way for LGBTQI’s. And it was about bloody time. When the very lipsyncable single ‘ Ima Read’ was used by fashion tycoon Rick Owens during the Paris fashion week, Katz saw the views going up for its accompanying videoclip (think short skirted school uniforms, an unforgiving beat and nightmarish twins) passing the 2 million views. Amongst the many thumbs up were also the likes of Azeaelia Banks, Tricky and Busta Rhymes. Now that’s a way to start your career.

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