Plaza Mozaique returns

Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam Oogst, Parfum de BoemBoem, Imagine 2020, the Transparent Church and 3voor12 join forces to present Plaza Mozaïque on the Schouwburgplein, for the second time part of the Motel Mozaïque festival.

Plaza Mozaïque  is a four-day project as part of the Motel Mozaïque festival held from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 April at Schouwburgplein (sqaure in front of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg) in Rotterdam. Plaza Mozaïque is a small, intimate square on the big square where festival architecture, program and encounter come together.

Plaza Mozaïque includes a village with two churches, kitchens, stages and city tours take off from here. The Katrina is the same church that we used last year for the 3voor12 stage, and this year it will be accompanied by the Transparent Church: an inflatable church that is about ‘thinking big’. Plaza Mozaïque also includes various units such as greenhouses, wooden houses, a transformation tunnel and information stands.

We are still working on the program of Plaza Mozaïque, so keep checking our website for details!