Perpectief – Alesya Dobysh & Max Frimout

Motel Mozaïque presents the portrait series Perspectief. As we approach MOMO Festival 2022, we highlight different makers and their perspectives on creativity, personal development and recent discoveries.

Alesya Dobysh (Moscow, 1989) is a dancer and choreographer with a background in House Dance and Max Frimout (Nuenen, 1999) is a musician with a focus on generative and spatial composition. Based on their own fascination, they are developing a joint practice in which the exchange between dance, music and technology becomes one process. At MOMO Festival 2022 they will present “Motus Sonus (working title)”, in which they create a circular dialogue between mover and musician: a sound-generating process is controlled by physical movement and vice versa.

Direction: Ashley Röttjers
Camera: Marc Scherpenzeel
Sound: Sven Bezem Pluijmers
P.A.: Okkie van Diemen
Producer: Ricardo Paterno
Edit: Okkie van Diemen
Grading: Wietse van Bezooijen
Sound Design: Ricardo Paterno
Production Company: Pastrami Film Company

Alesya Dobysh & Max Frimout will present “Motus Sonus (working title)” at MOMO Festival 2022 on Friday, 22 April and on Saturday, 23 April, along with shows by Ariah Lester, Balimaya Project, Goya Gumbani and many more.

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