Parfum de BoemBoem looks beyond the construction site

For the fourth summer in a row Parfum de BoemBoem presents a series of cycling and walking routes through Rotterdam. The season starts on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April with several routes during Motel Mozaïque. Formerly the construction site was the center but from 2011 on Parfum de BoemBoem will also look beyond the fence. What else is important for the transformation of an area? What initiatives do the residents themselves take? How do the citizens of Rotterdam use their new buildings and spaces?

Parfum de BoemBoem approach in 2011
Parfum de BoemBoem began in 2008 as a series of bike and walking routes along construction and demolition sites. Thousands of residents and visitors to Rotterdam let themselves be tempted to experience the changes of the city. Along the tours many surprises awaited them: massages overlooking an open sewer. Block Parties between the piers. Concerts in a pit. Accompanied by guides, rode them through the city to the beauty of construction and demolition at first hand experience. This year we’re going to do something else. We are adding an extra dimension: life in the city. The building blocks of a city appear not only in the form of concrete and steel but also in good ideas and human hospitality.

Kick off at 9 and 10 April
Parfum de BoemBoem starts the new season on 9 and 10 April from the Plaza Mozaïque Plaza on the ‘Schouwburgplein’, the center of the swirling Motel Mozaïque festival. From here the route leads to Central District, the rapidly transforming area around the new Rotterdam Central Station. We visit the Schieblock, where we take a look at Fabrique Urbaines of ZUS Architects. We also admire the spectacular, 155 meters high crane in the Conrad Street. Along the way, participants are surprised with small concerts in unexpected places.
Want to join?
The routes start on 9 April at 11.30 and 14.30 hours and on 10 April at 11.30 hours from the Schouwburgplein. Participation fee is 6 euros per person. Reservations are recommended: 010-4652228 (during office hours) or www.parfumdeboemboem.nl