Eli Oscar Awad

Eli Awad is a musician and songwriter with the band Bear Valour, who will give a special performance this MOMO.  Eli was born just outside of Rotterdam but moved here after high school and never left. After having lived on the south side of Rotterdam, he has now made Kralingen-Crooswijk (east side) his home. We asked Eli about his go-to places. 

General number 1: Lilith
Not just because I work there, but also because its a place where everyone can just be who they are. That might seem obvious, but its not really. I work here part-time and they’re like my family. No managers, no hierarchy just a hilarious bunch of idiots. And they serve great food.

Coffee: Lilith, by far. And Hopper Noord
Of course it depends who’s behind the counter..and besides that I just really like our house blend, maybe because I’m used to it..but still. And I really like Hopper Noord as well.

Restaurant: Pizza from Speck

Nightlife: Keilecafé and de Geheime Tuin
Where you can find at night?In my bed! No, but it really depends on the season. Keilecafe I really like, it’s a place you can find me more during the summer. In the summertime you can find me at more places like that, when there are more festivals going round. I don’t really go to clubs, but more mellow places like Keilecafe and de Geheime Tuin.

Favorite area: Oude Noorden (Old North)
I live close by, like some of my best friends. Often when I wake up and want to go for a coffee, this is where I’ll go, to places like Hopper or Bertmans (Zaagmolenkade). Here you can also find  “Jouw Marktkraam” it’s a kind of indoor flea market, where everyone can just rent a booth and sell their own stuff, its really great.

Favourite undiscovered piece of paradise: Brienenoordisland
I have a moped which I like to to take out when the weather is nice and just see where I end up. Which is how I discovered the Brienenoord island. Its this little piece of land just underneath the Brienenoordbridge, with allotments, woods and highlanders and it’s only just outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

Do you find inspiration in the city?
I look for it, but I haven’t really found it. The city inspires me but my lyrics mostly come from intense emotions. I am however always impressed by the city when I drive my moped along the Maas to the city. When you can see the entire skyline all at once, it’s awesome. So I think that the city does inspire me but more indirectly. 

Are there certain places/areas you would like to know more about?
I’m addicted to coffees places. If I read about one I haven’t yet been, I will mostly likely drive there. I’ve planned to go to this place in Kralingen for a long time because I read about it in some book somewhere. One time I discovered this great coffee place and vintage shop in one, its those kind of surprises I’m always looking for.

Ultimate tip:
Avoid the Lijnbaan! That has to be one of the most awful places in Rotterdam. Noordplein and its surrounding area I would  definitely recommend! For all those not from around Rotterdam, get yourself a city map from Rotterday, here you can find lots of great ideas and places.

Where can we find you during MOMO?
Location wise, I always love going to the Arminiuskerk. Besides that I haven’t really had a chance to take a good look at the program as I’ve been to busy with my own special show during MOMO!

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