David Christelle

Tjon Rockon and David Christelle are the promises of Grande Loge, a foundation that produces “socially-inspired and innovative performances.” Grande Loge serves as a platform for creators and brings together popular street culture and traditional forms of art. For the MOMO Art Motel, Grande Loge is initiating a nightly sky storm at OASE Rotterdam led by David Christelle. With song, dance and appropriate physicality, you will undergo the softest dreams and your deepest desires will become reality. David Christelle is the one who answered our curiosity about his connection with Rotterdam.

Growing up…
“The inlands of Surinam is where I grew up and spent most of my younger days. The spot I remember most vividly must be the Voltzberg which I visited frequently because I was eager to meet the GrandeMang44.”

Most frequented spots
I like to spend time at de Leeuwenhoek, Kruiskade. This is a nursing home for elderly – mostly Caribbean people, so when I am there I can connect with the spirits from Surinam again. I love to sit outside with them and eat some heri heri and drink ​​tyambarafru juice.

All-time favourites
“One of the reasons I came back to Rotterdam was Margreet Olsthoorn. I have a thing for luxury clothing (and kindred spirits) so I love to spend my afternoons there trying new outfits she selected for me while chatting with her and her interesting clientele from all over the world. If I am not at Margreets you can find me at my other friends’ place. Isabell Schulz, who always knows how to create a unique piece of clothing for me.”

I am a flexitarian, so I only eat meat which does not look like meat. So my go to (which I also refer to as GoTu) will be my mom’s. My mother refurbished me. After I was born she dipped me in this big rotipan full of gullibility. A huge pan filled with Fernandez holy water and Pom in which she kept dipping me, kind of like a baptism. She provided me with this overdose of gullibility because she knows that these gullible people own three quarters of the world.

At the HensePeter, on the Binnenweg where I can reminisce about the Voltzberg with BigiToekang, eat baka bana with BigiSisa and takki Grande Loge torries with BigiKrakti aka Tjon Rockon.

Going out: drinks & parties
I used to go to ‘Talk of the Town’ all the time (also at my favourite spot, kruiskade) but as the city changed dramatically, it closed. Now I am discovering these new places with new (younger) energies such as MONO.

Yet to be discovered
“My inner self”

Best of Rotterdam and its people
“These are not the things I tend to think about much”

Ultimate tip for visitors
“CANCEL YOURSELF. Before the authorities do. The voices. The people. The faces. The shadows. Me. Him. The seagulls, the starlings. The dogs, the angels. Cancel yourself. Take control.

Ties to MOMO…
David is preparing a special project for the MOMO Art Motel in Oase Rotterdam “I am super excited that there will be an actual physical festival this year.

Interview: Bianca Raicu
Analog photo: Alisa Mahaletska

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