Our City is Your City

M4H gebied

Discover the history-rich city port area of Merwe Vierhavens (M4H). Once one of the largest fruit ports in the world, it later became a deserted area with a construction site and a notorious streetwalking zone. Today it is in full development and the ladies of the prostitution zone have given way to a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs and creative minds! Such as the Sculpture Garden of Joep van Lieshout’s AVL Mundo.

In addition, you will also find several halls that are used for weddings and parties, such as Melody party center which De Likt turned completely upside down during Fabrique Mozaique in 2016. A little further down you will find Sunrise and La Riviéra. On Gustoweg you will find Club Gusto Creative Universe, a cool place where exhibitions and parties are held. Always nice to take a peek inside!

Do you feel like chilling out? Opposite the harbours, you can relax in the Dakpark in the middle of the concrete jungle of the M4H area, or take a look at the Keilecafe.

Through Rotterdam Eyes