Our City is Your City


Where tropical swimming paradise Tropicana used to be, you can now find Blue City. This is a true playground for various circular companies where brains, guts and fun are used to create an economy where waste does not exist. The products that are made here can also be found in the BlueTiek in Blue City.

The entrepreneurs in Blue City connect their waste in different ways. The coffee grounds of Aloha Bar-Restaurant are a breeding ground for the oyster mushrooms of RotterZwam. The beeswax from Stadsimkerij BijBouna is used by furniture maker OKKEHOUT. Fruit waste from the market is transformed by Fruitleather into a leather-like material for bags. All these products can be found in the BlueTiek!

BlueTiek is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 13.30 – 16.30 hours, located 25 meters to the right of the old main entrance.

Through Rotterdam Eyes