New performances

The performance program of Motel Mozaique 2012 made a huge jump: Flemmish performer Annelies van Hullebusch & Fiekes Huis present an object-peformance called ‘Dorp’ (Village), talented Nik van den Berg (nl) brings ‘My Momma Loves my Guitarsound’ (Paradiso Melkweg Productions) plus, as each edition, a group of first year students of the ArtEZ Theatre Academy  surprise with intimate (1-to- 1) performances.

Previous confirmed performances are: BLISS a soft performance group (nl), Cecilia Moisio (nl) – Hi! My Name Is…, Nick Steur (nl) – Freeze!, t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e. (be) – Urban distortions, and Trouble Man (nl) – What’s Happenin’ Brother?. And there’s still more to come!

Check the Program page for more information and previews