New festival locations!

More and more Motel Mozaïque is becoming a city festival. The locations for the 2012 festival (19-22 April) are now known. Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Off_Corso, De Gouvernestraat, Rotown and CBK are again part of the festival. In addition, BIRD and Mini Mall (both part of the Hofbogen) are new festival locations with lots of program in the evening. BIRD is also the place where, during the daytime, festival acts performa extra sessions on the 3voor12 Stage. These additional, intimate performances have free entrance and will be published online immediately after the festival. Also new is WORM, where the afterparty of the festival will be held (in cooperation with Subbacultcha!) on Sunday 22 April. And during the festival outdoor location Eendrachtsplein will be dominated by location theater; festival visitors can visit the performance ‘What’s happenin’ brother?” by Trouble Man in a greenhouse on the square.

Rent a Festival Bike
Because Motel Mozaique covers a larger surface this year cause of the new locations the festival offers the possibility to rent bicycles. You can hire it on Friday 20 April and / or Saturday 21 April 2012. You can now make an online reservation via the website of Motel Mozaique. Read all about it here