Perspectief – Beau Zwart

Motel Mozaïque presents the portrait series Perspectief. As we approach MOMO Festival, we highlight different makers and their perspectives on creativity, personal development and recent discoveries.

Beau Zwart is a DJ and producer, he makes soundtracks and has played classical piano since he was a child. This versatility can be heard in the Rotterdam-based DJ’s productions, in which he fuses funk, house and jazz into a stimulating whole. During his artist residency at Blue City, a hub for innovative companies, Beau is exploring similarities between their circular economies and his music.

Direction: Ashley Röttjers
Camera: Sami El Hassani
Assistant Camera: Marc Scherpenzeel
Editing: Okkie van Diemen
Grading: Wietse van Bezooijen
Sound: Ricardo Paterno
Production: Pastrami Film Company

Beau Zwart will perform at MOMO Festival 2022 on Saturday, 23 April, along with Billy Nomates, Broadside Hacks, Gita Buhari and many more.

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