MOMO Mud Merch x Mudshirt

Throwing mud has never been this pretty. During Market Mozaïque, Mudshirt will be screen-printing limited edition MOMO-illustrations on clothing using mud as ink. Yes, that’s right: screen-printing with MUD. And not just regular mud, Mudshirt personally scooped the mud from the yard of one of our festival locations: Rotown.

momo mud merch 2019 MUDSHIRT

Bring your own clothes
Bring all your cotton shirts, onesies and linen totebags that could use a little upgrade and get them screen-printed at Mudshirt. Did you just clean out your wardrobe Marie Kondo style? No problem! Just drop by the clothing swap at Awearness on Market Mozaïque for a vintage shirt, or buy an eco-friendly shirt at Mudshirt. And don’t forget to also bring a shirt for your favorite pet or your child, because we also have smaller illustrations to print.

momo mud merch 2019 MUDSHIRT

Good to know
The mud-ink is brown and made of sand. This means the screen-print is not visible on every color and won’t stick to each material. Once it’s finished, the print will stay in place– as long as you wash your clothes on a maximum of 40 degrees. Mudshirt does the screen-printing by hand, and both the clothing and the mud are not always the same. The applied screen-print looks slightly different on every item of clothing, and that makes it – in our opinion – so much fun.

We recommend bringing the following types of clothing for the best result:
* Cotton clothes
* Lights colors such as pastels, white, and light gray
When in doubt, just bring it to the Market and Mudshirt will gladly give you advice.

The prints
We have three exclusive prints for you, which are designed by the MOMO design agency Hats & Tales, designer Linde Klomp and Willem de Kooning-student Quin Scholten (who’s the winner of the competition, hurray!)


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