MOMO = LIQUID & open call

Motel Mozaïque (MOMO) is dedicated to the LIQUID theme this year. Dive into the unknown with us and break free from entrenched norms. MOMO is also looking for you this year! We have an open call for all dancers, musicians, designers, photographers, programmers and all other creative people with great ideas.

Questions about gender, origin, society and identity echo around us, questions we will discuss during the festival.

Fortunately, little by little our traditions seem to change and our freedom grows by breaking the norm. We want to be free in our personal quests for our roots, emotions and the creation of our place in society.
MOMO creates a stage where individual experiences get a platform.
During the festival, artists and performers will have the opportunity to present their search in forms that blur the boundaries between art disciplines.

One thing is sure: nothing is certain. How you shape your life is fluid. The emotions that freedom generates are fluid. Nothing fits more in boxes, certainly not music and art. MOMO shows you LIQUID.


MOMO is looking for you! In addition to the already known artists in the line-up, Rotterdam creative people also have the opportunity to realize their wildest liquid dream: MOMO organises an open call. So are you a programmer, artist, dancer, designer, filmmaker, photographer or do you just have great ideas? Send in your idea and maybe you will be on our line-up next to Apparat, Black Midi, RIMON and much more. For more information click here!

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