MOMO Art Motel announced

This year we’re planning another unforgettable sleeping experience at Motel Mozaïque Festival for the visitors of our MOMO Art Motel.

Ever since the first edition of Motel Mozaïque we have been offering the opportunity to spend the night in extraordinary places in Rotterdam, where artists or performers take it to the next level with a special program. In the past years our guests slept in shop windows, churches, hospitals, or on a rootop. This year the MOMO Art Motel will be ‘Morpheus Motel’ in the amazing Groot Handelsgebouw.

Morpheus Motel

Book a bed with Morpheus, the god of the dreams and experience the ultimate sleep trip. In this Morpheus Motel you sleep deep but you will never be alone. You will be guarded and together we will snooze through the sparkly dreamscape. See more with your eyes closed.

This midnight adventure is brought to you by the makers of the infamous Performance Bar (see photo below). Normally artist duo Florian Borstlap and Daniel van den Broeke run a bar that can transform into a stage but this time they will provide sleep seducing performances around The Performance Bed.

Tickets for the MOMO Art Motel (including breakfast) on Friday 19th or Saturday 20th April only cost €27,50 and are available now! 

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Performance Bar door Iris Bergman Motel Mozaique MOMO Art Motel