Metropolis tips for Motel Mozaique

We asked some interesting people with diverse backgrounds if they are willing to share their tips for Motel Mozaique 2013. Discover new acts this time by the recommendations of Marcel Haug, artistic director of Metropolis Festival!

Rooftop Tour: Poems from a rooftop

What: Motel Mozaique takes you on a rooftop excursion, in which you can discover and admire Rotterdam’s roofscape.

Why: “Rotterdam is the best place, where you can overlook the city. In the tour this is combined with listening to poetry, amazing! This tour also brings up good memories of the TV-series ‘Karlsson (written by Astrid Lindgren). It is about a fat little man, who has a propeller on his back, that lives at a roof somewhere in the city..

De Tweede Speeldoos

What: Roos Rebergen (Roosbeef) and Torre Florim (De Staat) give a sequel to the ‘Speeldoos’ (music box).

Why: “I cherish an artist like Roos Rebergen. She is so unique, humorous, we do not have enough artist like her here. The combination with macho rocker Torre Florim, his super band and the strong lyrics that were created from conversations with mentally disabled actors, makes it beautiful formula.”

The Growlers

What: The musical style of the band is rooted in rock ‘n roll from the 60s, but the Growlers are enthusiastically mixing with diverse other styles like hip hop and psychedelic rock.

Why: “Astro-surf psychounauts, paisley-preferring acid heads, lo-fi surf rock with a country backbeat; that where just a few descriptions that I heard and they all seem to be correct. I have high expectations for the live performance this band.


What: Because of the perscussion and afrobeats, you can hear  his birth continent Africa in his music. The synthesizers provide a Western sound and his music has a timeless vibe.

Why: ” This Sudanese Ahmed Gallab is very interesting. He played in Yeasayer, Of Montreal and recently during SXSW with Usher and Afghan Wigs. You can feel the afro-funk. My favs of the album ‘Mars’ are: Lovesick, Jeeper Creeper en Runnin’.”

Valgeir Sigurdsson

What: In de muziek van deze Ijslandse producer ontmoeten klassieke muziek, electronica en indie elkaar.

Why: ” The intense, oppressive compositions of ‘Architecture of Loss’ grab me by the throat. I am very curious how this turns out live. I am going to be there Saturday at 13.00.

The Metropolis Festival is an annual, one-day, free access, outdoor music festival in Rotterdam on the first Sunday in July. The program consists of a mix of pop, rock, hip hop, world music and dance. In 2013 the festival will experience its 25th edition and it takes place on Sunday July 7 in Zuiderpark in Rotterdam as always.