Margriet 1 year business director at MOMO

Margriet Colenbrander 1 year business director at MOMO: we look back and forward

Margriet started in a turbulent time with us, between lockdowns, unexpected challenges for the team and with MOMO Festival that was launched with short notice. We take a moment to reflect on the stable foundation and focus that Margriet brought recently, and how she successfully helped us through the year with her humor, positive energy and business skills. 

Margriet, how do you look back on your first year of MOMO?

Very good, I really feel like a fish in the water here. It was indeed a turbulent year, but also one that gave me a lot of energy. October 5 was my first day at work and on October 6 my partner in crime Harry (artistic director) suffered a concussion. I’ve known Harry for over 10 years and I was really looking forward to our collaboration, it soon looked very different. This, next to Covid and finding a turn in a new organisation ensured that I haven’t been bored for a minute. The hospitality in the team and their energy gave me the confidence from day 1 that we can really achieve a lot together. 

MOMO steams all year round, and has many other ongoing events in addition to the festival in April. So we are always on the go as a team. What are the challenges for you as a director?

My mother taught me early on: de boog kan niet altijd gespannen staan (‘the bow can’t always be tense’), and that’s important to our team, (but I think to everyone, especially in this industry) . Then you sometimes have to choose not to do things, and that is sometimes difficult with this group of enthusiasts. 

What was your MOMO highlight last year, and what are you looking forward to?

I really love working with our Young Talents Club. Last year we were going to hire three, but were so surprised by all the applications that we started working with five Young Talents. Their motivation and new ideas are super inspiring and it’s also great to see their developments in such a short time. 

The Thursday evening of MOMO Festival is also a highlight. I was standing in the hall of Theater Rotterdam with our producer Carly, and the opening of the premiere of Amenti Theatre Company was about to happen. At the same time, Enoma had programmed ‘Fantoompijn’, which I myself would translate as hard rock gabber house. I was so curious and almost nervous for this clash of crowds. It was great to see that people went from one performance to the next with irritation, enthusiasm or infatuation. I can’t get enough of these typical MOMO moments.

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