“Loop In” with artists from MOMO Festival 2022

Loop In is an ongoing series on our social media platforms. MOMO finds it important to show who are the artists behind names from our line-up. Pursuing this idea, Loop In is our way of getting you closer to our incredibly diverse acts of this year!

Every Monday, an artist from this year’s eclectic line-up takes over our Instagram stories. They’ll be showing unique footage of everything around their creations, behind-the-scenes moments, and exciting sneak-peeks of new projects! 

Talk Show Motel Mozaique

The British band Talk Show kicked off with bits of their upcoming EP, for you to get a taste of their new music before their live performance in April at MOMO Festival. 

This Monday, we spent a day in the studio with the 16-piece percussive ensemble Balimaya Project and Yahael Camara Onono, the collective’s founder. Check out our Instagram Stories to see raw footage from their rehearsal sessions!

Next Monday (March 7), make sure to Loop In With Finn Ronsdorf, and stay tuned for other exciting footage of performance artists, and more! So, Loop In and enjoy MOMO’s stories for a peek into artists’ lives. And who knows, perhaps you will discover your new favorite MOMO act of this year.

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