Lilith – Preview and Trailer

On April 21st, during the first evening of MOMO Festival 2022, Amenti Theatre Company will premiere the show Lilith. Watch the new trailer below!

The Rotterdam dance collective and its artistic director Gil ‘The Grid’ Gomes Leal are in a close collaboration with Motel Mozaïque. Their performances Anima and Ayahuasca were shown at our festival before and they were also one of the highlights of the MOMO Fabrique festival in September with their powerful new dance performance Kali.

Their new performance Lilith is about the dark feminine, inspired by the experiences of the different women who play in the play. The mythical figure Lilith symbolizes suppressed female energy and sexuality. The enormous power that women possess and that is suppressed by the world is the driving force behind this dance and music performance.

Photographer Rosa Quist visited an intimate performance during Lilith’s final rehearsal at Amenti’s studio, to capture some previews and audience reactions.

Lilith is mindaltering and reshaping performance.
She. She was born from the Earth, equal to all other life. Her energy was powerful, loving, sexual, creative. She was a force, too strong for them to handle.
She. Lilith’s story has been (re)told and (re)written in many cultures. Tales of a woman who dared to stand in her power and choose herself before anyone else. Sadly, Lilith is portrayed as a demon, an evil woman, a vicious creature. Someone that can’t be tamed and is being suppressed by society. Through ‘Lilith’ this story is being transformed into an image of power and possibilities.
In this dance-theatre performance, we witness the dancers and musicians telling their Lilith-Story, as every woman carries one with her. A performance about honoring the masculine within women. A version that takes you on a journey through the eyes of a woman in this world

Choreographer and creator: Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal
Produced by: Amenti Theatre Company and Motel Mozaïque
With dancers from: Amenti Theatre Company
Creative producer: Elia Vitadamo
Music by: Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti and Dizzi Geetha
Photo by: Mark Engelen
Dancer on photo: Matilde Tommasini
Costumes by: Manusama Nuance

Amenti Theatre Company will perform at MOMO Festival 2022 on Thursday, 21 April, along with Snapped Ankles, Voetvolk, Keeley Forsyth and many more.

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