Katzenjammer album release May 1st

After a very successful club tour late 2011, with sold out shows in Paradiso and Tivoli, Katzenjammer returns to the Netherlands for a concert at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg on Sunday 6 May 6. Convoi Exceptional from Rotterdam have been confirmed as support-act for the show. On 1 May the new Katzenjammer album ‘A Kiss Before You Go’, the successor to their debut album ‘Le Pop’. The concert is part of a concertseries that Motel Mozaïque organizes in 2012 with the Rotterdamse Schouwburg and de Doelen. Tickets for the Katzenjammer and Convoi Exceptional concert are still available, click here for tickets!

With their debut album ‘Le Pop’ (2008) and the catchy single ‘A Bar In Amsterdam’ Katzenjammer already attracted the attention of Europe. Not so strange, because the music of Katzenjammer is an irresistible mix of folk, punk, rock and Balkan. By the end of 2011 equally festive second album ‘A Kiss Before You Go’ was a fact. The band used about 15 different instruments including accordion, mandolin, Balalaika, trumpet, guitar and piano. On May 1 the new record and the new single ‘I Will Dance’ will be released in the Netherlands by Munich/V2 Records.