Imagine2020 at Motel Mozaique

The Imagine 2020 Art and Climate Change program stimulates the imagination of the public about art and sustainability in innovative, unexpected or playful ways.

For the third year the Rotterdamse Schouwburg programs a few performances in the context of Imagine 2020. Remember your sustainable promises and the vodka of the passionate ‘Green’ Priest ? Or cutting hair in exchange for a conversation about transition with The Haircut before the Party?

This year the performance-installation ‘Worktable’ by Kate McIntosh lets the public experience their relationship with everyday stuff in an intrusive way. Kate: “In Worktable objects fall apart. With your help, they come back together”. This is the first show in the Netherlands!

The innovative theater company SPACE creates for Motel Mozaïque the first version of STATS your daily portion of truth. Where does Rotterdam stand now? And how does the future of the city will look like? It is a digital scoreboard that shows personal statistical information and also fictitious information.

Other Imagine2020 projects during Motel Mozaique are: De Bende – KlubHuis (ongoing program on Plaza Mozaique) en several guided tours like ‘South tour’, ‘Green Soul City’, ‘Look-out’ and ‘From Zero Tolerance to Citylounge.

The Rotterdamse Schouwburg is a partner in the European network Imagine 2020 Art and Climate Change.