IFFR’s tips for Motel Mozaique

We asked some interesting people with diverse backgrounds to share their tips for Motel Mozaique 2013. Discover new acts with the recommendations of Sanne de Rooij, marketing and communication at International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Sanne’s tips:


What: Woodkid plays with elements of pop, electro and film music and shoots music videos like they are paintings. He will perform with an orchestra composed by Colin ‘Kyteman’ Benders.

Why: “Earlier, you used to stay at home to watch  music videos on MTV. Nowadays, the art of making musc videos is one that only few manage: Woodkid is one of them. His videos are works of art in which music and image are connected inseperably. The combination of this multi-artist and the orchestra composed by Kyteman will serve all your senses, mark my words!” 

Havenroute: Fabrique Mozaique

What: The industry and the harbour of Rotterdam are the inspiration source and the location in this maritime version of Motel Mozaique. 

Why: “The Rotterdam harbour is hot. IFFR has close ties with the harbour, after the arrival of the harbour company as partner of the festival. There are a lot of possibilities for an encounter between culture and industry: stories, images and music against water, cranes and containers.  


What: The big screen in the Rotterdam Schouwburg is not a screen, it is a window. It is a window and a mirror; a window because it shows the rich culture of Rotterdam and a mirror because it shows what the audience really is.

Why: “At arrival in the Rotterdam Schouwburg, you can’t miss it: the twelve meters wide media wall. During IFFR, we also use this wall as a platform for video artists. It is the place to be for distinct messages like that of  Cela n’est pas une télévision by the Rotterdam based TeleSync: the future brought by ‘keyboard cowboys scanning the digital highway’.” 

Valgeir Sigurdsson

What: in the music of this Icelandic producer, classical music, electronica and indie meet. 

Why: “Composer, musician and producer Valgeir Sigurdsson proves how music can work cinematically. The Icelander has worked on soundtracks to films like Being John Malkovic and Dancer in the Dark. His latest album, Architecture of loss (originally made as a soundtrack to a ballet performance), -oorspronkelijk ook bedoeld als soundtrack voor een balletvoorstelling), causes goosebumps. Close your eyes, open your ears and let the music tell the story.”

The red carpets at Schouwburgplein remind you of the latest edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam: twelve days of film, party and even more films in January/February are the kickoff of the Rotterdam festival season each year. Sanne de Rooij, marketing and communication at IFFR, is a film freak who also likes to listen, and lives in Antwerp, Belgium. For Motel Mozaique, she likes to be in Rotterdam again for a few days.