HipHopHuis tips for Motel Mozaique

We asked some interesting people with diverse backgrounds if they are willing to share their tips for Motel Mozaique 2013. Discover new acts this time by the recommendations of Aruna Vermeulen, director of the HipHopHuis!

Aruna’s tips:

Retro Stefson
What: Adventurous pop music with multilingual lyrics and afro pop elements.
Why: “These artists are Icelandic. I’ve been there recently and I have some very good memories. I really like to remember that trip. “

Akwasi O. AnsahJamezoo and Sevdaliza
What: He dives into the literary works of Bram Vermeulen (Akwasi) This beat baker is producer and DJ (Jameszoo) and Spoken word performances of Sevdalisza.
Why: “I am really looking forward to the Dutch artists like Akwasi, James Zoo and Sevdaliza.”

Het Spreekuur (The Consultation)
What: Het Spreekuur offers the public the possibility to talk 1on1 with an expert in the sector.
Why: “On Saturday I share my experiences in the arts sector in the Consultation. For those who wish, we can just talk about something else and drink coffee. “

Aruna Vermeulen is managing director of the HipHopHuis in Rotterdam. The HipHopHuis was founded in 2002 and was created to provide a home base for lovers of HipHop. Aruna is praised, because they provided a home where young people can develop. She received Laurens Medal for this.