Interview with Tom Tomasowa

Our dear team member Tom is leaving MOMO to continue his career as a programmer for the Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam. Tom started as a Young Talent in 2018 and kept on developing in the years after. Over the past 4 years Tom had a very positive impact on our organisation. With his proactive spirit towards sustainability, diversity and inclusivity Tom initiated many projects like the Green Deal, our code of conduct and the iftar dinner that we hosted during MOMO Festival 2022 & 2023. 

His positive energy in the office will surely be missed, but at the same time we’re super proud on this next move! We wish Tom all the best for the future! 

Read below our interview with Tom for an insight into his experience at MOMO. 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think back to MOMO?
I have so many beautiful and warm memories of MOMO, but an highlight was MOMO Festival 2022. After years of uncertainty due to the corona pandemic, we were finally able to organise a full scale edition of the festival again and connect people. The festival had such a huge release and special atmosphere, which still gives me energy.

What did you mainly do for programming then?

At the time, I was mainly concerned with the freely accessible program at MOMO Playground and the (social) sustainability of the event. The best thing I got to work on at the time was the vegetarian iftar that we organised on Saturday evening at the Schouwburgplein in collaboration with Het Wijkpaleis. We have been able to connect different people by breaking the fast together and enjoying a Syrian meal. Hospitality is a core value of MOMO and it was perfectly reflected in this.

How did you start at MOMO?
At the end of 2018 I started as a Young Talent, then I did a combination of production and programming. During MOMO Festival 2019 I participated in the night program and did the production of the MOMO Art Motel – a pop-up motel in the Groothandelsgebouw where visitors could sleep and enjoy a performance. It was my first real festival production and I immediately had a taste for more!

What are you most proud of when you look at what you have done at MOMO?
There are so many different projects that I am proud to have participated in, but if I have to choose one, I think it would be the iftar in 2022. I am also proud that I have been able to contribute to the social and green course from MOMO.

What has MOMO meant to you?
Getting to know the city and its inhabitants again and again. I was born and raised in Rotterdam and I know the city very well, but MOMO allowed me to look at it through a different lens every time. I also look back on a very instructive period, during which I have gained an enormous amount of skills and knowledge. And MOMO was also just a very nice, cozy place with an inspiring team.

What advice would you give to you next?
Don’t forget to enjoy! Before you know it, you’re already more than 4 years further

What are you going to do after MOMO?
I am currently working as a programmer for the Architectuue Instituut Rotterdam. Here I participate in, among other things, the Rotterdam Architectuur Maand and the Stadmakerscongres. Just like with MOMO, the city of Rotterdam is again the setting and source of inspiration – only this time from a different perspective.

What will you take from MOMO to your new job?
A lot of experience, knowledge and most of all all the fun.

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