‘Frappante Klant’ on Motel Mozaique

Great news for all Velvet Music Rotterdam followers cause ‘Frappante Klant’ (Striking Customer) is coming to Motel Mozaique!

Every Wednesday music fans across the country anxiously await on the Facebook Message from recordstore Velvet Music Rotterdam. Velvet’s Manfred Boor has a mini blog about his clientele called ‘Frappante Klant’, cause he likes to share the personal stories often told in the store. What started as two-line messages about a year ago are now large amounts of text. The weekly post on Facebook gets hundreds of Likes and comments!

A book is forthcoming, as well as a performance at the Motel Mozaique festival on April 5 and 6. Boor will read from his work and – because the text is often linked to a song – the accompanying music will played as well.

(Source: AD, article / interview by Bart Boerma)