The program for the opening night of the 18th edition of Motel Mozaïque Festival, on Thursday 19 April 2018, is already partly known! The Early Bird ticket sale for MOMO18 started on Friday, December 1st, 2017. You can now buy a very competitively priced passe-partout for three festival days. Motel Mozaïque Festival 2018 opens with, among others, the following artists:


SOHN is often spoken about in the same breath as James Blake and Mount Kimbie, also known as the ‘modern 21st century songwriters’. He does not only produce his own music but likes to do everything by himself from recording to playing live fronted by the latest technological resources.

Three years ago, SOHN broke through with its brilliant ‘Tremors’, a beautiful and layered electro-R&B record that once again proves that hit sensitivity and the daring experiment do not have to be mutually exclusive. The latest album ‘Run’ draws the sound of SOHN broader and more extreme than its predecessor Tremors. The Brit living in Austria opts for an exciting and unpredictable direction. [text continues under the video]


The Dutch-Flemish actors collective Wunderbaum will make the performance ‘There we go again’ in 2018, based on the concept of gated communities: in a literal sense these are residential districts with all entrances and exits closed so that there is control over who enters the district or leave. Both literally and figuratively we draw the walls around us, and the like-minded and people with the same opportunities, higher and higher and in most cases we try to protect ourselves as effectively as possible against external forces. Wunderbaum tries to cross the various communities and create theatre together with and about people from other communities.

The performance will be played on location and will premiere on April 19, 2018 during Motel Mozaïque!


Performer extraordinaire Ivo Dimchev quickly conquered European stages with his androgynous appearance and striking falsetto. The performances of Dimchev are unpolished, challenging and confusing, but also vulnerable, musical and rich in associations. As it turned out during Motel Mozaique 2014, he explored with P Project how far the public wanted to go for money.

The work of the Bulgarian choreographer is a distinctly colourful mix between performance art, dance, theatre, music, drawings and photography. Dimchev is the creator of dozens of performances and received many international awards for dance and theatre.

At Motel Mozaïque Ivo Dimchev presents his new album ‘Sculptures’.