In 2019 Motel Mozaïque Festival introduced the theme LIQUID and invited you to dive into the unknown and break free from conventional norms. Get to know the unknown. During the 20th edition in April 2020 we will dive a little deeper into the LIQUID theme.

Who am I? Where do I come from? What is gender? What do I want my life to look like? Who decides how I live my life? These are questions that echo around us, questions we’ll dive in deeper during the festival. We seem to be able to reconsider everything, from gender to monogamy. But when you deviate too much from the norm, you often hit the wall.

Little by little our traditions seem to change and our freedom grows by breaking the norm. We want to be free in our personal quests for our roots, emotions and want to create our own spot in society. How do we ensure that all individual voices are heard and we don’t get lost in a storm of opinions?

MOMO creates a place where individual experiences get a voice. During the 20th edition of Motel Mozaïque artists will be given the opportunity to present their own quest, while blurring the borders of art disciplines, from music and dance, to ceremonies and an ART Motel. The goal is to give new perspectives to the audience.

One thing is clear: nothing is clear. The way you shape your life is liquid. The emotions that freedom brings out are liquid. Nothing fits in stereotypes anymore, not music or art. MOMO shows you LIQUID.

Illustrations by Linde Helene