Not living near Rotterdam and still want to visit Motel Mozaïque? Then you obviously do not want to have to run to catch that last train home, be the responsible driver or just travel at night. The way to a nice comfortable bed can be easier than that when you decide to sleep in the MOMO Art Motel!

Art Motel X Culture Campsite

Always wanted to know what it feels like to sleep in a Honeycomb? The MOMO Art Motel is an unique sleeping-experience which lets you stay in unique art and architectural works to add another dimension to your MOMO Festival. For MOMO Festival 2020 the Art Motel takes place at Culture Campsite, the architectural sleeping phenomenon in Rotterdam. Get your tickets for this amazing project now!

At Culture Campsite you’ll sleep in a small-scale architectural object between fragrant plants in less than ten minutes from the city centre of Rotterdam and a stone’s throw from the river the Maas. Objects made from upcycled materials are there to admire and choose from. The sleeping objects are smaller than a tiny house, more exciting than a tent and different from all glamping accommodations. Culture Campsite is an unique experience, a dialogue between visitor, art, architecture and sustainability in the middle of Rotterdam.

MOMO Art Motel @ Culture Campsite

The architectural sleeping objects are all different creations designed by various artists, designers and architects. They are suitable for two to four people who want to gain an unique sleeping experience. Culture Campsite also offers a common room and a shower and toilet unit. They are made from residual flows, according to the recycling principles, or from a sustainability and environmental perspective. Therefore each sleeping unit has its own character.

MOMO Art Motel

Ever since the first edition of Motel Mozaïque we have been offering the opportunity to spend the night in extraordinary places in Rotterdam, where artists or performers take it to the next level with a special program. In the past years our guests slept in shop windows, churches, hospitals, or on a rootop.