Get inspired by Perspective


Motel Mozaïque presents the portrait series Perspective. We highlight different makers and their perspectives in the areas of creativity, personal development and change in these times. What does the isolation do to the creative process? Does the crisis also bring something good? And how do they look to the future? They reflect on the crisis year 2020 and share their vision for the future. Get inspired! These video’s are in Dutch.’

Talented poet Lisette Ma Neza shares her perspective. She is known for her sharp pen, soft voice and Slam Poetry performances. In her poetry and music she searches for her own identity, her gender, her history and place in the world.

In the second episode of the Perspectief, we talk to Menno and Angeliek from Roodkapje Rotterdam. What does a crisis do to a cultural breeding ground? And how can its connecting function continue to be fulfilled? For ten weeks, Roodkapje was transformed into a ‘corona-proof’ cultural supermarket to support artists, designers and musicians.

In the third episode of the MOMO series Perspective, we have a conversation with Akwasi Owusu Ansah. How does he experience this bizarre time? And how does he view the future? He talks about prioritizing and looking at what is really important.

“I think I have felt all the emotions recently. And that makes you rediscover and rediscover yourself.” – Akwasi

In this episode of Perspectief we talk to Jorn of the company Humankind. Humankind is looking at city making in an alternative way. As a result, they had been working on themes such as loneliness and sustainability for some time. Themes that are even more important now. How do we strive together for a city where well-being and happiness are the most important factors?

In this last episode of Perspectief we speak with Ayuk & Scifo from Falafval. This summer Falafval would be at various festivals with their circular sandwiches. But that came to an end when many events could not take place. What do you do when all your plans change? How do you come up with new ways to keep doing what is important to you?