Zoey Van Goey (sco)

Folk-pop experimentalists Zoey Van Goey hail from Canada, Ireland and England. The band met in Glasgow and started making music together – lighter and sunnier in style, but often containing a darker lyrical twist.  Stuart (Murdoch) produced their debut single, ‘Foxtrot Vandals’, and their first album ‘The Cage Was Unlocked All Along’ was produced by Paul Savage (Delgados, Phantom Band, Mogwai).

“Mixing frothy folk-pop tunes with a slight electronic edge and some weird percussion, while swapping instruments like swingers at a musical orgy, the Van Goeys certainly leave their mark. From the experimental soundscape of The City is Exploding to the more carnal pleasures of I Want to Jump Your Bones, they manage to engage both head and feet with alarming regularity. Definitely one to watch.” (Source: Is This Music?)

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