Saturday 2 September

22:00 - 22:45, WORM

MOMO 2023

yunè pinku (live)

One to watch for the Guardian and NME, yunè pinku is giving new shape to club culture, evoking elements of electronic music from the past decades. Her productions can employ scuttly garage drums with golden era UKG bass stabs, or dubby bass lines reminiscent of early 00s post-dubstep, while her voice cuts the beats like a synth.

yunè pinku’s music taps into many facets of being a young person in the early 2020s, bottling a disembodied feeling of detachment. Half-Malaysian and half-Irish, the South East London-based newcomer layers wistful, syrupy vocals over production that draws from the UK rave canon but with a restless, textural slant. It’s music for pre-drinking while applying eyeliner; the messy afters; the 8am Uber journey home.

“I try to grasp the weird in between feelings that everyone has but no one describes, like where you feel like you should be happy but you’re not, or, if you’re at a party, and sort of tune out.”

“‘Fai Fighter’ begins with a synth riff worthy of any ’80s pop hit and marries it to a four-on-the-floor beat that stays stomping throughout. Yunè’s vocals are chopped up and scattered across the chorus, leaving her to get her message across in the verses. Her lyrics mix the macabre with the every day to amusing effect.” FROM SINGLE REVIEW BY “THE FADER”

“I’m really bad at realising there are actually people who listen to my music haha. I guess it’s because it sits between a few different sounds, and whenever I’ve heard artists do that (and you like those sounds) it kind of feels like being sonically brain scratched. But I think I kind of combine songwriting styles that you’d see more in indie music than electronic with pretty on the nose electronic beats. I think there’s a huge audience for electronic hybrids now. ” FROM INTERVIEW WITH “CULTED”

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