Working Men’s Club

The already considerable buzz surrounding Working Men’s Club reached a new peak in early 2020, when the British formation emerged as one of the highlights of Eurosonic. A blistering festival summer beckoned, a major breakthrough seemed within reach.

We don’t need to explain to you what happened next, but the point is that the Yorkshire foursome were not deterred. That same year, their self-titled first album was released, chock full of synthpop, postpunk and acidhouse to blast loudly through your speakers and forget about the pandemic for a while. For example, 3voor12 wrote: ‘At a time when nightlife is at a standstill, the raw Working Men’s Club brings the rave back to life. You can feel the sweaty walls on this debut.’ And Working Men’s Club keeps busy: the new single ‘X’ was recently released, announcing that a second album is on the way.

“Cycling through the conflicting emotions that come from living in a society that’s set itself on fire, Working Men’s Club is an attention-demanding debut that couldn’t have come at a better time.” – NME

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