MOMO Festival 2020

    VNLA 13

    Open Call Winner


    The installation ‘Impression’ is a shared emotion. It is a small chat, the chills of listening to good music, the excitement of seeing a performance. The starting point is looking at a crowd and grasping it in a glimpse. VNLA13 wants to isolate this crowd, and give the revelation of social interaction as a singular experience.

    The backdrop for this feeling is the iconic Maassilo – but also a symbol of an industrial era which has gradually faded away from our cities.

    Our structure changes the way we perceive, by turning the dull surfaces of the Maassilo into a virtual structure of wires. This installation is dense space, where the surroundings disappear and all that remains is intimacy.

    Expect to see a framework, floating sheets, vivid colors and movement. This combination of solid background and floating materials represents deflation, unstress, playfulness, change towards a creative way of experiencing our cities.

    VNLA 13

    VNLA 13 is a newly formed international collective of creative young individuals who met at TU Delft. The name references their propensity for using ‘normal’ objects and concepts, but in innovative ways. Their interests include: pushing the boundaries of the status quo, questioning things, re-using things, making things, exploring materials to achieve maximum impact with minimum cost. VNLA 13 are united by their craving to engage outside the rigid boundaries of the academic setting. They share a desire to reach out and communicate, and a curiosity of how a collaboration between creative minds can reverberate.

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