Virginia Wing (UK)

The trio Virginia Wing hail from South London and recently dropped their debut album, Measures of Joy.

“… the album’s passages of spoken word freakery, brooding electronics and musique concrete, have the ability to fuck with your brain properly. Sure, they make pop music, no doubt about that. And pretty weird pop music at that. But it’s also a rollicking good listen that show the band is drilled in the basics as they set out to fly the coop and aim for brave new spectrums in sound.” (source: londoninstereo.com)

“But Virginia Wing are not from the sedate school of dream-pop escapism. It’s just that, like Broadcast or Stereolab before them, they possess that same innate ability to seemingly pause time and space, so that that any number of stylistic meditations – in this case cyclical repeato-rock, synthetically-manipulated shoegaze, 90s-inspired hauntology – are applied amidst an overriding sense of uninterrupted still.” (source: thequietus.com)



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