Thursday 21 April, Friday 2 September, Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022


Cyber Hell & VIRUS

Mo Meyer was born and raised in Rotterdam. He processes social problems, inner turmoil and personal messages into brightly-coloured landscapes and multi-layered bodies, in drawings, sculptures, videos and digital work. In the Grafisch Lyceum he discovered the possibilities of digital art and became fascinated by glitch art. Although trained as a media designer, in his free work he challenges himself to look for imperfections, constantly add new layers, and discover unexpected outcomes. Mo is part of the artist collective COBRA UNIT and exhibits under the name VANTA000BLACK, a reference to the deepest black.

In WORM’s Slash Gallery, VANTA000BLACK will present two video works during MOMO Festival: Cyber Hell and VIRUS, both made during the pandemic.

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