Saturday 3 September

17:00-18:00, Theater Rotterdam (Main Hall)

MOMO Festival 2022


a sound choreography by Poltrock & de Roover

Based on a mutual fascination, Belgian musicians David Poltrock (a.k.a. De Mens) and Adriaan de Roover (formerly Oaktree) went into the studio to let happenstance take its course. About ten studio sessions later they created an intriguing soundtrack full of eerie instrumental ambient. Around it they created VACUUM, a concert experience that is anything but typical, and in which their music enters into a dialogue with dance, light and video. For one hour, visitors are plunged into a universe without a reference point, and challenged to give free rein to their imagination. 

VACUUM is directed by Aïda Gabriels, whose interdisciplinary opera Dance of the Seven Veils was performed last year during MOMO Create & Perform.

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