Friday 14 April

00:00 - 00:45, Rotown

MOMO 2023


One-man-band Joe Oxley is a producer mixes electronic music with dreampop, post-punk and disco. 

Under the moniker TVAM he self-released his much-acclaimed debut Psychic Data in the autumn of 2018, something of a cult-classic, the album joined the dots between Suicide’s deconstructed rock ’n’ roll, Boards of Canada’s irresistible nostalgia and My Bloody Valentine’s infinite noise. 

From its playful title and unapologetically boisterous cover artwork to the barrage of sounds contained therein, High Art Lite is a joyous and euphoric listen. Granted, it’s ambitious and unafraid to take on lofty conceits, but it does so in an irreverent and spirited manner.

Joe Oxley has created an album that is much better than its predecessor. Majestic on all counts and a major effort at stealing the crown from Jason Pierce. Full of ideas and much more to come from this maverick of film soundtrack songwriting that gives the likes of Mogwai a run for their money. A true talent with innovation and an ear for pysch space rock we’ve not heard for a while. God bless TVAM.FROM ALBUM REVIEW BY “LOUDER THAN WAR”

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