Saturday 2 September

13:00 - 18:00, Brutus

MOMO 2023

Through Bone and Marrow

Curated by Maarten Spruyt

Nearly 20 internationally renowned artists present new, alternative connections between mankind, nature and technology. They go beyond existing contradictions between organic and inorganic, plant and animal, living and dead. This is led by a new aesthetic that offers space for discomfort, imperfection and the beauty of decay. ‘Through Bone and Marrow’ is a subtle wake-up call.

‘Through Bone and Marrow’ gets under visitors’ skin and down to their bones. Curator Maarten Spruyt’s exhibition forces visitors to take a good look at themselves as well as imagining a different interrelationship with nature and technology. A new aesthetic offers a portal to the future. Maarten Spruyt: “As a collector of atmospheres, I am always looking for a representation of the zeitgeist”

Through Bone and Marrow is an exhibition hosted by BRUTUS, a multidisciplinary playground for the arts and the largest contemporary art exhibition and performance space in the Netherlands. Since the art complex will host the shows of Black Country, New Road x Ichiko Aoba, the exhibition will be open for MOMO Festival visitors on 15 April 2023. More info on brutus.nl

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