Friday, Saturday

  • Friday 19:45-20:15 TR: SCHOUWBURG - HALL
  • Friday 22:00-22:30 TR: SCHOUWBURG - HALL
  • Saturday 20:30-21:15 TR: SCHOUWBURG - SMALL
  • Saturday 22:30-23:15 TR: SCHOUWBURG - SMALL

MOMO Festival 2018


Me, Me and Me

According to Th’Line, art doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Dancers/Choreographers Ida Wigdell and Kristina Søetorp state: “We like combining beauty, stupidity and coolness with images from pop culture for contemporary dance performances or installations”.

And thats why they build KJETIL, a live sculpture made from old VHS tapes that have something to do with recyclage or maybe it was more about Norwegian trolls?! Dance that doesn’t just colour outside the lines but completely eradicate the lines.

PLEASE NOTE! On Friday you can see a short teaser and installation by Th’Line in the hall of the schouwburg. On Saturday you can witness their full performance Me, Me and Me in the small room / theater of the schouwburg.


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