Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

This Tour of Freedom

Guides: Kelly & Berend

Rich and poor, orthodox and liberal, young and old, born, raised or just arrived: together we share Rotterdam. That’s why we’re looking to connect with each other at the Freedom Meals. Because you can’t be free if you don’t fight for the freedom of others.

Where we lead you

During this guided tour we will take you to great heights and green oases. The unobstructed view, the butterflies and the peace in the middle of the busy city will give you an ultimate feeling of freedom and connection. Where can you find that and how? We are going to lead you there.

During the tour, spoken word artists, musicians, gardeners and creatives will share with you what freedom means to them. With spoken word, music or a story that sticks, while you enjoy the view and newly discovered places in the middle of the city. 

We’ll end up at a mini-Freedom dinner at a special location, where you’ll be the first to eat the vegetarian Freedom Soup together, made by chef Perry de Man. An exclusive national first! 

Going home with Piet Parra 

You’ll go home with a row of new people you’ve met, new places you’ve (re)discovered, and moving stories that will make you look at freedom and the city differently. You’ll also receive (a voucher for) the limited-edition canned Freedom Soup and conversation starters with design by Piet Parra, so you can also eat a Freedom Meal with your neighbors on May 5. 

About the Rotterdam Freedom Meals

The Freedom Tour was developed by the Rotterdam Freedom Meals. Rotterdam consists of more than 170 nationalities, and we sometimes drift apart unintentionally. The Rotterdam Freedom Meals encourages you to go beyond your bubble and sit down with, then, strangers. Enter into a conversation and explore what connects you to the other. On 5 May you can join us for a Freedom Meal at hundreds of tables throughout the city. Because if we look for the connection with each other, we can (continue to) share the freedom together, today, tomorrow and the day after. The Rotterdam Freedom Meals is an initiative of Groenemorgen and Kongsi.

All tours start at MOMO Playground at Schouwburgplein 

Transport: Walking
Day: Friday, April 22 

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