TheYesPlease (NL)

Dutch band TheYesPlease is not only known for their breathtaking songs, but also for their love of playing concerts at extraordinairy places: from swiming pools to churches and erotica shops. Interaction between a location, it’s history and their music is something they like to explore. Early 2015 TheYesPlease released their album ‘Debut’ in the Natural History Museum. Critics reviewed this album as outstanding, offering intruiging songs from an own private universe (OOR Magazine).

For Motel Mozaique they’ve joined forces with director Jeroen Rozendaal and art director/producer Charlotte van Otterloo. On a secret location in the city centre they will perform a unique visual concert: ‘Some Howl’.

Because of the limited seats, extra tickets are required. The tickets are FREE for Motel Mozaique ticketholders, available at the ticketshop at the Schouwburgplein.

Meeting point for the concert: Schouwburgplein. Be there on time or the band’s gone..

Friday April 10th 16.30 and 18.00h

Saturday April 11th 14.00, 16.00 and 18.00h

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