Saturday 2 September

11:30 - 14:00, WORM Gallery

MOMO 2023

The wonder within – Storytelling through drawing

Guide: Mirjam Manusama

Storytelling through drawing

The Wonder Within is a drawing workshop with guidance from Mirjam Manusama where you will discover a whole new world where you expand your creative horizons.

In the workshop, we dive into a whole new world of symbols and are taken into the unknown where you will be surprised by your own creative ability to gain new insights through drawing.

Mirjam Manusama is a fashion designer and visual artist. She is expressing herself and her personal experiences through an intuitive, creative process. Her self-awareness, eye for details, and understanding of symbolism is combined into this unique workshop, designed to help you find inspiration from within.

The workshop will be opened with a cacao ceremony by Elia Vitadamo. The ceremony invites you to connect with your deepest self and core of your heart. From the ceremony, you will be more in tune with your emotional and sensory experience. Then, using ‘The Wonder Within’, we will tell our own story through drawing.

This workshop is for everyone and you don’t need to have experience in drawing. It is all about discovering new pathways in visualizations and starting to draw your own unique piece.


Days + times: Saturday 15th 11:30 – 14:00

Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes

Language: English / Dutch – depending on participant group

This workshop will begin at the S/lash gallery at WORM.

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