Saturday 15 April

21:30 - 22:15, Rotown

MOMO Festival 2023

The Last Dinner Party

The music discovery of MOMO Festival also implies attending concerts of artists you’ve never listened to on record. This is especially relevant for bands like The Last Dinner Party, who didn’t release any music yet, but we promise this theatrical six-piece from South-London will leave you speechless! 

From serenading the corners of pubs to courting interest from several major record labels, The Last Dinner Party have burst forth gloriously into the guitar music renaissance. And they already opened a show for The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park!

Conceived during a wine-stained evening, the name embodies a musical and aesthetic ethos of decadence, mystery, spectacle and charm. Finding artistry in the intersection between the beautiful, sublime and grotesque.

 The Dinner Party usher in a new era of unashamed maximalism and untethered euphoria. They cast their net of inspiration across artists and genres, from Kate Bush and David Bowie, glam rock and new wave, to unexpected moments of twelve bar blues, classical overture and heavy synth breakdowns.

They weave a fantasy of haunting melodies, explosive choruses, and lyrics that embrace tragedy and triumph in equal measure. At their shows, the band lead audiences through the soaring crescendos and pin-drop silences of the most debaucherous dinner parties, gathering a dedicated and growing company of attendees with every performance.

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