Friday 14 April, Saturday 15 April

MOMO Festival 2022

The city is present

Guide: Erik

An experiment on perceiving everyday beauty.

‘Unexpected beauty is basically everywhere, the trick is to see it,’ says composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven. But how can we ensure that we are open to this everyday beauty? This is the question on which we will base our experiments in this tour.

What happens when you move through the city without being able to look? What beauty is hidden in the perception of other senses? By feeling, slowing down, listening and smelling, we are going to discover how we can arrive together at a new kind of awareness of public space. 

After spending two years in all kinds of lockdowns and quarantines, we will join forces and practice ourselves in recognizing and appreciating the unexpected everyday beauty. To participate in this tour, it is important that you are okay with putting on a blindfold and holding someone else’s hand (we will provide disinfectant hand gel). This experiment will be assisted by Nino on Friday and Gerty on Saturday.

Transport: Walking
Day: 22 April Friday & 23 April Saturday

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