Saturday 15 April, Sunday 16 April

MOMO Festival fabrique2021

The Circular City EXPO

Be inspired by the pop-up exhibition ‘The Circular City’ during MOMO Fabrique. Here we show that circular living is not only important, but also a lot of fun!

Every day dozens of designers in Rotterdam are busy making the city greener and more sustainable. They design innovative products that are made from, among other things, waste, organisms and plants. They work in a circular manner: they do not create waste, just like in nature. Everything is a raw material for something else. In this way, these designers show smart solutions to create products in harmony with nature. As a sustainable alternative to polluting products made from fossil fuels.

We invite various Rotterdam biodesigners to exhibit their innovative products in the showroom of de Huidenclub. In this way, these designers show smart solutions to create products in harmony with nature. Be inspired by these innovative designers!

The Circular City expo is created with BlueCity.

MOMO Lemonade by Brix

Brix is ​​​​a Rotterdam company for special lemonades. They experiment and produce for high segment restaurants and bars in and around Rotterdam. Brix is ​​developing a special lemonade made from food waste especially for MOMO Fabrique 2021.


What if we do not see fruit waste as a residual product but as a raw material? That is exactly what Fruitleather Rotterdam does: The design duo is developing a new, environmentally friendly production process that converts discarded fruit into sustainable leather-like material. They use this leather to make shoes, bags and wallets, for example.

Living Colour

Living Color is a collaboration between designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar. Living Color – an innovative dyeing technique using bacteria that produce pigment – is exploring an alternative to dyes derived from petrochemicals. The designs are created by cultivating the bacteria directly on the textile. These unique growth patterns create a new natural aesthetic. Living Color advocates sustainable change by creating a more meaningful design process and awareness for both industry and consumers. In 2020 they designed a prototype sportswear collection for PUMA called Design to Fade, a world first.

Life Cycle

Mycelium is the fungal network of mushrooms. It is also a great raw material for products. Biodesigner Lisa Jongejans has designed a 100% biodegradable urn made of mycelium. You can bury the product, Life Cycle, in the nature cemetery or in your own backyard: in this way your body is returned to nature.


Vibers makes innovative materials with a unique natural appearance and, of course, sustainable. With Dutch Elephant Grass that grows on soils that are not suitable for growing food. Collaborating with different industries, high technical performance and a low ecological footprint are, of course, very important.

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